Cookie Policy

1. Collection of personal information via cookies and disabling them

We use ‘cookie’ to store and find user’s information periodically. A cookie is a small text file sent from our website server to your browser, where it is stored on your computer’s hard drive. When you visit our website, Oksuro can read the cookie on your browser, access additional information stored on your computer, and provide services without requiring further identification on next visits.

Cookies identify your computer, not you personally. You have several options regarding cookies. By adjusting settings in your web browser, you can choose to accept all cookies, be notified when cookies are being set, or reject all cookies.

2. Information on the collection and use of cookies

In some cases, we automatically collect user’s access data including official websites, for the following specific purposes.

  • Usage behavior information
    • Automatically generated information including the user’s browsing history of website or application, cookies, and log records
  • Method of collection
    • Automatically collecting when users visit/run websites
  • Purpose of collection
    • Purpose to enhance existing services, such as our website, and to develop new services
  • Google Analytics (GA)
    • For website analysis and data collection, we primarily use the following tools.

3. How to disable cookies

You can adjust your browser settings to either receive notifications when cookies are sent or to refuse them altogether. However, please note that refusing cookies may result in limitations to our service offerings.

  • Edge
    • Tools(T) → Internet Options → Privacy → Advanced(V) → Block
  • Chrome
    • Settings → Privacy and security → Cookies and other site data → Block third party cookies