• We believe that using AI tools is similar to being a movie director. Similar to how a director communicates their vision and objectives to their team. AI tools help create images or perform tasks based on the instructions you provide.

    Please watch how film director Quentin Tarantino explains the role of a director in a movie. In both cases, it’s about expressing a vision and having others execute it, whether in the world of filmmaking or in the process of generating images using AI.

  • Series are a group of images follow a specific theme defined by the AI director who create the series.

  • Images Prompts and Settings are here to help you recreate the save images in software like stablediffusion automatic1111 webui. Learn more in our how to use page.

  • Please check or how to guide to get a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

  • All the images are made using stable diffusion model and automatic1111 webui as a tool. We usually use additional checkpoint provide by the community and made available in Civitai or Huggingface. For so image we also use addition automatic1111 extension like controlNet.

  • Yes you can! Please referred to the license page for more detail.