How to Run Stable Diffusion On Google Colab

Don’t have the right computer setup for Stable Diffusion? No worries! You can still use it on Google Colab.

Google Colab lets you run code online. It’s a great choice if your computer can’t handle Stable Diffusion.

⚠️ Note: Google doesn’t allow free accounts to use Stable Diffusion. You’ll need a paid Google Colab Pro account, which costs $9.99 a month.

Why Colab Pro?

It gives you lots of computer power for a small price, and you can even get better performance if you need it.

Steps to Run Stable Diffusion on Google Colab

Step1: Find the Guide

Go to Github and Click “List of Online Services” in the “Installing and running” section.

Step2: Pick a Notebook

We recommend ‘The LastBen’s Fast Stable Diffusion notebook‘, the most recommended by the Stable Diffusion community.

Step3: Copy to Your Drive

Once the notebook is open, Copy it to your Google Drive.

Step4: Run the Code

Click ‘Runtime’ and then ‘Run all’.

Follow any extra steps like connecting your Google Drive.

Step5: Start Stable Diffusion

Look for a line that says “Running on public URL” and click the link next to it. A new tab will open, and you can start using Stable Diffusion.

Important: Don’t forget to close the notebook when you’re done to avoid using up your computer power.